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Building Automation Technologies

The CBS Building Automation Technology Department is in the forefront of industry technology innovations. We help our clients improve and sustain facility operations by designing and implementing automated systems that protect assets and operate facilities with maximum efficiency. Building automation systems lead to decreased downtime, reduced tenant complaints and higher tenant retention.

Our Services Include:

  • Direct Digital Control Systems for HVAC and Mission-Critical System Control
  • Design and Implementation of Lighting Control Systems, Lighting Upgrades and Retrofits
  • Design and Installation of Access Control Systems
  • 24/7 Remote Facility Monitoring and Control
  • System Monitoring Hardware and Software Installation
  • Successful, Proven Facility Operating Systems
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Installation and Start-up
  • Overview of Energy Use and Systems Analysis

Complete Building Services takes "Open System" building automation energy management and access controls to its highest level. Our Building Automation Technology Services (BATS) Division, serving clients since 1978, installs, maintains and repairs open systems supporting over 5 million points of control in the Washington DC metropolitan area. CBS can offer a single, integrated system, controlling HVAC, power, access control, security, video, and lighting, as well as life safety system monitoring.

Our skilled in-house management and technical staff provide responsive support to customer facility automated system needs. CBS installs electronically controlled access systems for our clients’ facilities, providing them with custom-designed security measures, information reports regarding access and remote availability via the Internet. CBS offers customers value-added products and services to keep their facilities running efficiently with safe, cost-effective and energy efficient solutions.

The CBS Building Automation Technologies Services Division cuts costs while increasing tenant satisfaction.

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